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Sahar Moghadass

Sahar is a well known Iranian Pop singer who was born on 4th of December in Tehran – Iran, she has been graduated in Bachelor of science in the field of Art.
She had magnificent talent to sing and had a great potential for vocal songs ever since she started to realize that she has a great enthusiasts in music.
By the encouragement of her Family and relatives she started to improve her musical knowledge by participating in the music lessons of “Master Mohammad Noori” the great Iranian musician, at the age of 17.
It’s quite challenging to have a concert permission for a female singer in Iran, and most of the time It’s impossible to have such permissions for Ladies. by considering this fact “Sahar” was among those successful female singers who could achieve this permission to perform at Ladies Concerts, and this achievement occurred by their hard work and potential talent.
She had a great opportunity to work with many well known Iranian singers and performed with them both at studio and live concerts.
For expanding her activities and Improving her talents in the field of singing, she decided to move from Iran in order to have more opportunities to produce songs and released them in the Market, when she was at the age of 19.
on 2012 she released her first official track called “To Nabash”, ever since she is continuing to produce more songs to be more effective singer in the Industry.

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